• General Admission - Rides Free - $10
  • Exhibitors (Season Ticket) - $25
  • Senior Citizen (Thursday Only) - $5 (no rides)
  • Membership ( Adult County Resident Only) - $26
  • Jr. Fair Exhibitor - $2
  • Age 2 and under free admission (To ride rides must purchase from the ride company a $5.00 ride bracelet)

*Mechanical Rides All Day w/Season, Membership/Jr. Fair Ticket - $5

**Prices are subject to change

September 24 - September 29, 2018

“Brown County Fair”

Getting to the Fair!


There will be parking and shuttle service available at IGA Plus parking lot. SHUTTLES will begin daily running at noon on Tuesday, and continue through the balance of the fair. You may choose to ride the shuttle rather than the general parking. There will be no charge for the shuttle. Shuttle service will end at approximately 11:00 pm. nightly.

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