166th Brown County Fair - Georgetown, Ohio

“Brown County Fair – The Heart of it All”

September 25-30, 2017

Premiums $40 35 30 25 20 Entry Fee $10
1. Stick Horse, 6 Years & Under - No Entry Fee
2. Morgan English Pleasure (167)
3. Miniature Horse Halter:Mares
4. Open Hunter (170)
5. Lead Line English, 6 Years & Under
6. Half Arabian English Pleasure (165)
7. Miniature Horse Halter:Stallions/Geldings
8. Morgan Western Pleasure (100)
9. Generation Gap, Saddle Class
10. Pet Pony in Hand
11. Purebred Arabian Western Pleasure, Amateur (92)
12. Lead Line Western, 6 Years & Under
13. Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Junior Exhibitor (86)
14. Morgan Western Pleasure, Amateur (100)
15. Open Western Pleasure (176)
16. Miniature Horse Pleasure Driving 2 wheel (S&G) (76)
17. Purebred Arabian English Pleasure (173)
18. Western Pleasure, Walk Jog, 11 Years& Under
19. Morgan Pleasure Driving Junior Horse (180)
20. Purebred Arabian Country Pleasure (169)
21. Hackney Pony Country Pleasure Driving AADC (77)
22. Open Hunter, Jr. Ex. 17 & Under (170)
23. Miniature Horse Pleasure Driving,2-Wheel (Mares) (76)
24. Walk/Trot Adult Western/English **
25. Half Arabian Western Pleasure (96)
26. Road Horse to Bike, Amateur (182)
27. Morgan Western Pleasure Jr Ex 17 & under (100)
28. Arabian Pleasure Driving Purebred/Half

Entertainment - Neal McCoy - Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.

Neal McCoy

Rules for center ring

Please read the following carefully.

1. Attention: Secretary will be checking admission tickets. Show your gate ticket, season ticket or membership ticket when making your entries. Current negative Coggins test and health papers are required on all out of state horses. All vans and trailers enter the 4th street gate.

2. Please follow posted directions. Stalls are limited to 213 stalls. Horse stall rental is $30, until September 6th, after which time there will be an additional $10 charge. No reservations will be made unless the stall is paid for at the time of request of reservation. Stalls will be reserved on a first order basis. Ground fee will be $5.00 per horse per day, paid at office. Owner and/or participant must have either a season ticket or membership pass with the exception of one-day event exhibitors who may pay the $8.00 gate admission fee. The horse show office and stall office will be in the Scout Cabin down from the show ring entrance. Entries will be accepted up to one hour prior to the starting time of each session.

3. Each entry must be shown and judged in a qualifying class to be eligible to compete in the championship classes. Stake classes are not required to qualify, therefore must pay entry fee before entering Stake Classes. The money winners are required to show back in the championship or forfeit their winnings. This rule will be rigidly enforced. There will be no entry fee in the championship classes unless you win. Then the entry fee will be deducted from your winnings. The horse show committee reserves the right to cancel or change the classes to benefit the show.

4. It is essential that you make advance reservations for campers, trailers or vans used for tack stalls. REASONS: Our insurance and fire safety requirements state we must have LESS congestion around the buildings. Therefore it becomes essential to enforce the camper and units used as tack stalls parking. Also, if your trailer, truck, or van is NOT BEING USED, it will be necessary for you to park these vehicles in the designated parking area. CAMPER stickers can be picked up at the fair board office BEFORE parking camper.

5. **Walk Trot exhibitors may not show in any canter class. Lead line entries may not show in any other classes except Stick Horse, Pet Pony and or Funny Costume-center ring rules

6. All precautions will be taken to prevent accidents or injury to animals, riders, or drivers or losses to participants. The Brown County Agricultural Society (or Board Members) do not assume any liability for such accidents, injuries, or losses that may occur.

7. All premium checks will be mailed out the week following the show. The show is a member of South Central Hackney Association, KY-HIO, Tri State Horse Show Association and AADC.

Show will operate on all breed rules. Horse Show Committee has the final say.