Previous first place winners are not eligible
Thursday, September 28 and Saturday, September 30, 2017 
Held in the Danny Gray Activity Center
ROUND ONE --  Thursday, September 28, 2017 7:00 PM
FINALS --  Saturday, September 30, 2017 6:00 PM

FIRST PLACE $1000, SECOND $800, THIRD $600, FOURTH $$00, FIFTH $200

Performance may showcase any talent – Singing, Dancing or Performing a musical instrument.

  • Anyone (regardless of age) is eligible and can participate - Previous first place winners are not eligable
  • All contestants will compete against each other (regardless of age)
  • All participants MUST turn in a properly completed application and fee of $25.00 (does not include admission to fair).  Applications may be done in advance with the fair secretary before September 13th or may be made before the first night of competition on Thursday, September 28th between the hours of 5:00 & 6:30 PM.  Don’t get closed out.  Registration will close at 6:30 PM.  Advance registration through the mail is recommended.
  • All participants will perform on the first night of competition-there will be no audition prior to show.  Everyone who signs up will perform on the first  night of competition-Thursday (some contestants will advance to the finals on Saturday night, however others will not).  Be prepared to have three (3) different performances, one for Thursday night and may require 2 for Saturday night. No repeat performance.
  • There is no limit to how many individuals can perform as a group. Contestants may only appear in one act.
  • Participants may perform solo or duo or small group, etc with an instrument or with a track AS LONG AS THEY CAN WALK ON STAGE AND PERFORM IMMEDIATELY.
  • There will be NO set-up time  --  There will be NO sound checks
  • Standard music bands with drums, guitar amps, keyboards, etc are NOT PERMITTED TO COMPETE due to the time it takes for them to set-up, sound check & tear down…sorry but won’t work.
  • Performance Material:  All participants who will be singing to a music track (ON CD ONLY) are required to provide their own CD in a case or sleeve for protection.  The background audio CD provided for each night must not contain any lead vocals.  Please make sure the CD is labeled properly with the name of the contestant, original artist’s name and track title. Burn each song to a separate CD.  Highly Recommended – Bring a back-up copy of each CD!!!!!
  • Duration time of your performance is 4 minutes
  • Days of competition:  Each evening arrive early
  • Check-in with staff/give staff your CD or let them know what you are doing, etc.
  • Performance must be family oriented and in good taste.
  • Judging:  There will be a panel of judges.  The panel will judge all performances based on the following – Talent: Vocal Clarity, Dance Coordination or Instrumental Clarity:  Originality or Creativity:  Enthusiasm:  Professionalism:  and Stage Presence.
  • All decisions by the judges will be final!!!!!!
  • Score sheets are the property of the Brown County Fair and WILL NOT be available to the public or contestants.
  • Disqualification:  The committee reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude any individual from the competition if any rules and regulations are not met.  We also reserve the right to change the rules and procedures at any time if circumstances require us to do so.  Participants will also be disqualified if any incorrect information is provided during the application process or if during the performance it is deemed a non family performance.
  • General Conditions:  By participating, contestants agree to the terms and conditions of the contest and understand that all judging is final and binding.
  • We reserve the right to use your name, pictures, audio or video recordings for publicity and other purposes without compensation.  All federal, state, and local laws apply.  All participants and legal guardians agree to not pursue any legal claims against The Brown County Fair, event sponsors, organizers and/ or anyone associated with this event.

Getting to the Fair!


There will be parking and shuttle service available at IGA Plus parking lot. SHUTTLES will begin daily running at noon on Tuesday, and continue through the balance of the fair. You may choose to ride the shuttle rather than the general parking. There will be no charge for the shuttle. Shuttle service will end at approximately 11:00 pm. nightly.

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